Main Advantages of Using Standard Robot System

About Us

We are Solution Partner of
our Industrialist

Based on our many years of CNC machine experience, we provide consultancy services on CNC machine selection, machining production improvement, cutting tool selection, and also produce standard or part-specific solutions for CNC machine feeding.


Our Standard Products

Start mass production with standard robots

  • Our solutions for CNC Lathe; Minitend-e, Ringloader Series
  • Our solutions for CNC machining center; Minitend Series
  • CNC Gear benches; Minitend Series
  • CNC Grinding Machines: Minitend Series


Special Projects

Time to Change The Operation

With our 6 axis or Scara robots;

  • Bench feeding,
  • Deburring,
  • Casting grinding,
  • Pick & Place,
  • Transfer machine adaptation,
  • Assembly machine adaptation.
In short, we are as close as a phone call for any robotics project you can think of.