Minitend standard machine feeding system is a robotic automation system that reduces labor costs by up to 90% and increases production numbers by up to 60%. The simplicity of MINITEND's design is reflected in its ease of use. You can adapt new parts and start working unmanned within minutes. Main advantages and application areas:

๏ Double Table System allows your operator and robot to work at the same time. There is no loss in production.
๏ Loading all kinds of parts which have maximum length of Ø 80-150mm or iare prismatic 80x80x150 with simple fixtures
๏ Face 2.0 Operator dialogue software
๏ Fast delivery
๏ Possibility to feed more than one machine

Minimum Part Diameter mm 20
Maximum Part Diameter mm 80
Maximum Part Weight kg 2,5
Maximum Part Length mm 150
Load Carrying Capacity of Robot kg 7
Number of Stations Quantity 2
Carrying Capacity of Station kg 100
Air Need Bar 6-10
Electric Supply V 230
Dimensions (Width * Length * Height) cm 103 * 215 * 189
MINITEND-E Steel Construction Chassis Quantity 1
Automatic Double Table System Quantity 1
700 mm x 500 mm 15 mm Ground Fixture Table Quantity 2
Pneumatic Air Conditioning System (Max. 10 bar) Quantity 1
Pneumatic Valve Set (For System) Quantity 1
Integrated Electrical Panel Quantity 1
Panel and Door for Robot - Human Security Quantity 1
Touch Screen Control Panel Quantity 1
Gripper and Accessories Quantity 1
Workable Gripper Foot Quantity 24
Special software developed for all kinds of CNC loading
Dialogue Programming
Pallet Function that Eliminates teaching each position for every part
Language Option: Turkish
Machine Automatic Door (Pneumatic)
Machine Robot Interface
Machine Airblow
Laser Field Scanner
Part Reversing System (Pneumatic)
Additional Gripper Set (2x Grippers and Accessories)
Additional Gripper Leg Set (3 Pieces)
CE Certificate
System Integrated Laser Marking Unit
Selection for Languages
System for Measurement
Washing Unit for Parts
Automatic Gripper Replacement System
Special Sheet Fixture for Specific Workpiece (2 pcs)