TENDVISION is the Intelligent Machine Feeding Solution. Mechanical adjustment has been eliminated to simplify operation on different parts. Loading and unloading conveyors can be easily designed according to your space in the factory. The system can feed any kind of freestanding workpiece to any kind of machine. Main advantages and application areas:

๏ 800x3000 mm Loading and 800x4000 mm unloading conveyor
๏ Possibility of loading without diameter length limit or fixture problem
๏ Eriş Makina Smart Camera software and user display
๏ Face 2.0 Operator dialogue software
๏ Possibility to feed more than one machine

Minimum Part Diameter mm 80
Maximum Part Diameter mm 350
Maximum Part Weight kg 30
Maximum Part Length mm 300
Load Carrying Capacity of Robot kg 10-150
Conveyor Carry Capacity kg 200
Loading Conveyor Dimensions ( Width * Length ) mm 3000 * 800
Unloading Conveyor Dimensions ( Width * Length ) mm 4000 * 800
Air Need Bar 6
Electric Supply V 380
Dimensions (Width * Length * Height) cm 520 * 120 * 286